David Chesky                          Urban Concertos


This CD was recorded in June 2006, with the Symphony Orchestra of the Norrlands Opera, Sweden. Rossen Gergov handles baton duties, while featured soloists include Swedish pianist Love Derwinger and Estonian virtuoso bassoon player Martin Kuuskmann.
Concerto for piano and orchestra
Love Derwinger, piano

Concerto for orchestra

Concerto for bassoon and orchestra
Martin Kuuskmann, bassoon

Symphony Orchestra of the Norrlands Opera, Sweden
Rossen Gergov

“The key to performing this music is that the orchestra
sections must be in lock step with each other so that the
rhythmic texture will be palpable.” Chesky adds:
“The music is like a finely tuned sports car that turns on
a dime; it needs the orchestra players to synchronize
precisely with each other. Rhythm is the key.”

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